SOS!! I’m in a Slump

Sort of.

We all know of the dreaded reading slump (*gasp* THE HORROR). When no matter what book you pick up you just can’t seem to get into it. You read the same sentence over and over and over and it just doesn’t stick. It’s absolutely distressing. As someone who uses reading to relax, unwind and just switch my brain off for a while, I never feel quite myself when I’m in a slump.

But don’t panic. I’m not in a full-blown reading slump. Just a fantasy slump. Which is mildly distressing (not as distressing as a full-on slump) because there are so so many fantasy novels (both brand new and ones that have been sitting on my tbr shelf patiently awaiting my attention) that I want to read. Honestly, my list is endless. But try as I might, I just can’t bring myself to pick up a fantasy novel.

I’ve been in a bit where I’m super into fast-paced, action-packed books that take one to two days to read (such as thrillers/murder mysteries/horrors/paranormals). There’s just something so exhausting about fantasy novels. At least when that’s all I read. The intense make-believe worlds with their rules and magic systems and impossible-to-pronounce names. It’s like you just start getting familiar with it all and then bam, it’s the end of the book and time to start a new one and you have to start. All. Over. Again. New world. New rules. New systems.  

Which is all well and good, but my brain has just decided it’s had enough (no more. Give me all the trashy, whiny YA thrillers and leave me be, please and thank you). And no matter how hard I try, I just can’t focus on fantasy novels at the moment. And I’m not okay about it! 

At first, I thought it was just the usual thing, where I’d read so many fantasies in a row that I needed a breather and just picked up an old YA thriller I’d read years ago and then I’d be done and go back and it’d be fine (this happens every now and then, no big deal). But I was wrong. It’s been months! At least two. Quite possibly three. I literally had to go out and buy like twelve new books in one go because all I had on my tbr shelves were fantasies and I didn’t want to read any of them!!!!

And here comes the rant:

Lowkey, I’m blaming this on the fact that most of the fantasy novels I’ve read recently have been underwhelming and the same as every other fantasy novel I’ve read before just with slightly different impossible-to-pronounce names and magic-using rules. Seriously, someone write a good series of YA fantasies (no, not you SJM). My vote goes to Stephanie Garber (read the Caraval series or we can’t be friends) or Margaret Rogerson (Sorcery of Thorns was one of my favourites from last year and I adored An Enchantment of Ravens when I first read it). I need something new that will blow me away (this is 100% an invitation to leave me your suggestions – PLEASE LEAVE ME SUGGESTIONS).

Anyway, I just needed to complain because I really am missing my epic magical journeys and intense horse-back battles and burning down kingdoms (and lets not forget about the unicorns – someone write a book about unicorns please and thank you). But in the meantime, I’m gonna get started with my next high school murder mystery read and hope the winds will change soon. 

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