March 2020 Reading Sum-Up

Much like the overall catastrophe that was the month of March 2020, so too will be my reading sum-up. Get ready, because this won’t take long.


This month was shocking. I read a grand total of three books. Three. Books. Pathetic. I am better than this. I am 100% blaming it not only on the declining state of the world, but the fact that I had the task of getting through Kingdom of Ash. Which I did (look out for a large ranty post on the Throne of Glass series to come), but- wow. WOW. I am ashamed of myself.

Anyway, here we goooooooo:

Empire of Storms

By Sarah J Maas – 3/5 stars

I mean, technically I read the majority of this book in February but without this addition to the list there really wouldn’t be much point to even making a wrap-up post for March, so it’s on here okay. I don’t have much to say about it. This book wasn’t very enjoyable for me. For many reasons. Again, look out for my post on this series coming soon.

Goodreads link:


By Susan Dennard – 4/5 stars

The lone saviour and bright star for me during this month tbh. This was a reread, but just as enjoyable as the first time I read this book! I just want to take a second to thank my best friend for literally forcing me to read these books because it was the only way to get her to stop talking about them non-stop. You’re truly a blessing. This book is truly a blessing. And I cannot wait to reread Windwitch and finally, FINALLY read Bloodwitch!

Goodreads link:

Kingdom of Ash

By Sarah J Maas – 3/5 stars


I don’t even know what to say, except maybe that I’m grateful it’s over?? 

Goodreads link:

That’s it. They’re literally the only books I read. Yes it was depressing, but we lived through it friends and now we’re onto bigger and better things (the six pirate themed books that came in the mail the other day to be precise)!

March’s Favourite Read

Hands down Truthwitch. 

Books I’m looking forward to reading next month

Literally anything I choose to read because it will not be Kingdom of Ash (again, see the six pirate themed books that came in the mail the other day to be precise). Also an exciting ARC that I received just the other day that I absolutely cannot wait to dive into!!

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