One of Us is Lying – Book Review

4/5 stars - a suspicious death, witty dialogue and a plot to keep you guessing (and keep you awake at night), One of Us is Lying was such a refreshing take on the YA murder mystery genre!! Title: One of Us is Lying Author: Karen M. McManus Publisher: Delacorte Press Year: 2017 Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller Pages: 358 … Continue reading One of Us is Lying – Book Review

SOS!! I’m in a Slump

Sort of. We all know of the dreaded reading slump (*gasp* THE HORROR). When no matter what book you pick up you just can’t seem to get into it. You read the same sentence over and over and over and it just doesn’t stick. It’s absolutely distressing. As someone who uses reading to relax, unwind … Continue reading SOS!! I’m in a Slump

The Dragon’s Heart (ARC) – Book Review

4/5 stars - vivid world building, a masterful plot and a heartbreaking cliff-hanger of an ending are just some of my favourite things about Alysha King's sequel to her debut novel, The Order of the Rose Title: The Dragon's Heart Author: Alysha King Publisher: Self published Year: 2019 Genre: YA Fantasy Pages: 334 Synopsis: A prophecy … Continue reading The Dragon’s Heart (ARC) – Book Review

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Book Review

5/5 stars - I love a good “whodunnit” and with her hilarious and loveable protagonist, her magnificently plotted-plot and her surprisingly creepy atmosphere, Holly Jackson has written one of the best YA “whodunnits” I’ve ever read!!! Title: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Author: Holly Jackson Publisher: Electric Monkey Year: 2019 Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller Pages: 433 … Continue reading A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Book Review

These Vicious Masks – Book Review

5/5 stars - Everything from the setting to the banter, from the mystery to the magic and even the little sprinkle of romance on top made These Vicious Masks a delightful, un-put-downable read Title: These Vicious Masks Author: Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas Publisher: Swoon Reads Year: 2016 Genre: YA Fantasy/Historical Fiction/Romance Pages: 298 Synopsis: … Continue reading These Vicious Masks – Book Review

The Gems of Elsana – Book Review

4/5 stars - A vibrant cast of heroes, a brutal quest across the land, and a princess that most certainly does not need saving (thank you very much) are but a few of the wonderful things to expect in Christian Sterling’s new novel. Title: The Gems of Elsana Author: Christian Sterling Publisher: Self-published Year: 2019 … Continue reading The Gems of Elsana – Book Review

The Order of the Rose – Book Review

3.5/5 - loyal friendships, spell-binding action and epic magic-use are among some of the things this wonderful little book has to offer. Title: The Order of the Rose Author: Alysha King Publisher: Self published Year: 2013/2015 Genre: YA Fantasy Pages: 413 Synopsis: “You possess a power as great as that of the false Empress. You … Continue reading The Order of the Rose – Book Review

Winterhued – Book Review

5 stars - a fierce princess, a knight in (not-so) shining armour, magical unicorns and a vengeful dragon. E. H. Alger’s Winterhued has all the magical components of a classic fairytale with just the right amount of dark imagery and humorous wit sprinkled on top. Title: Winterhued Author: E. H. Alger Publisher: self-published Year: 2018 … Continue reading Winterhued – Book Review